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Berecien / Fledglingsverse

The Fledglingsverse features Berecien at different points: as a secondary character in Fledglings and as one of the three lead characters in Casting Off.

In the Fledglingsverse, Berecien is a Ponyta from the island of Giotto, but his family hails from Nagrobek, a territory annexed by the Company (one of the two large forces in conflict in the setting) and also the same place the verse's incarnation of Eltenios is from. Born of the island's noble blood he grew to resent the Company's control over his homeland, and he sought joining the Navy as a shot to eventually have a hand in returning the islands to his people. He would every once in a while go race along across Giotto, enjoying the landscape and also rememorating the tradition his father held of running across what was their home before the family fled.

While he's a recurrent character in Fledglings, Berecien's adventures are given more prominent screentime in Casting Off, where we see the backstory of Cabot when he first met Berecien and they joined the Imperial Navy. They end up paired together and clash with a band of mercenaries joining the Navy due in no small part to Berecien's high-brow attitude, but Cabot and Berecien manage to earn enough respect that one of them, Niilo, joins their team. Later “Team Cabot” is assigned to the vessel of subfranchise's top Clawitzer, Captain Nagant, and they must deal with life and menial tasks as a rookie team. After an ambush at sea which the team helps overcome, and they gain some recognition from the Captain. With this “Team Cabot” looks into future adventures, which will eventually land them into a number of encounters with the main cast of Fledglings in the various factions' pursue of the setting's Pleo.

While not as deep as with their Suocéverse incarnations, Berecien and Eltenios are still connected, their families hailing from the same homeland and having a potential for a strong dynamic with the former as a noble turned soldier and the latter as a pirate turned somewhat-reluctant-hero. This and some other factors maintain the nod to their relationship in Playfield .

Casting Off author Virgil134 publishes a trivia section giving some more insight on the story, including Berecien's character.


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