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Berecien / Backstory

During their active years, Nicolato Mezze and Berecien made a name for themselves in Pokémon racing across several countries, though they focused their activities around Suocé. Up until ca. 3725 PE, posters and magazine covers featuring the two would be released at least once a year. As a thoroughbred he was finely trained for the racing circuits in Suocé, but in exchange lacked fighting experience and prowess, so as other jockeys did with their companions before him, Nicolato also raised a few Pokémon to keep as a regular team and serve as support.

Berecien's training regime has granted him high stamina and a honed ability to explosively consume his own Fire-type energy, much like his fellow Fire-type Eltenios, and just like him he also lacks on actual offensive moves or battle experience: their bursts of energy are geared towards the simple task of getting to, or out of, a place fast. During his formation Berecien was kept on a strict diet under the watch of the Estate's medical team, including a kinesiologist and a nutritionist; part of this carried long into Berecien's adult life where he was forbidden to eat certain kinds of food, including some berries. In his spare time, Berecien would sometimes go around the Estate grounds collecting the food he could not eat and then would trade over with the various Pokémon around.

After Nicolato's retirement, Berecien went to retirement as well, however he did not abandon racing completely. Rather, he periodically met around the grounds of the Mezze Estate with Eltenios, with whom he had made friends during their younger years. As both of them enjoyed racing, they periodically went into escapades all across the countryside, to the chagrin of their respective employers at the time.


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