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Tests using plugin plugin::bbcodeextensions.

Insert / Delete

Text styled with edit deletions, with edit insertions.

Text styled with [del]edit deletions[/del], with [ins]edit insertions[/ins].

Inline Quotations

Text styled with an inline quotation with a cite attribute , with an inline quotation alone .

Text styled with [q cite="The Author"]an inline quotation with a cite attribute[/q], with [q]an inline quotation alone[/q].


Classed texts, native, with the classes “warning”, “notify”, “info” and “error”:

A warning!
A warning!
A warning!
A warning!
[cd="warning"]A warning![/cd]
[cd="notify"]A warning![/cd]
[cd="info"]A warning![/cd]
[cd="error"]A warning![/cd]

Worldbuilding Elements

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