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Suocé Heads of State

Listing of Heads of State for the region of Suocé and its constituent Sovereignties during the timeframe of the 38th Century.

Suocé Government

Name Term in Office Affiliation Notes
Lautaro Friolán Dinivel 3693-3695 -
Logan Bastenard 3695-3697 -
René Soler 3697-3702 - Pronounced Mitala emd De Apeleg and then Ardobal Charróas as Champion of Suocé.
Dagoberto Estoril 3702-3706 -
Lanchin Illumar Gutiérrez 3706-3710 - Pronounced Nadia Shepard as Champion.
Eleanor Baduca 3710-3715 -
Israel Soler 3715-3715 - Brother of René Soler. Approved the country's entrance into the international Fossil Program.
Died shortly after inauguration during an emergency lung transplant.
Ádmar Fuentes Lira 3715-3718 - Runner-up in the Municipal level primaries, was assigned President to complete Israel's term. Supported the call to declare the Determinants of Baronesia a terrorist faction.
Alecio Mujica 3718-3722 - Voted President with an outstanding 63% preference in the Municipal primaries.
Eleanor Baduca 3722-3726 -
Gladys Farmalle 3726-3728 - Stepped down from office due to repercussions from the Fall of Pokefutures and the Registro Cero operation.
Alecio Mujica 3728-3730 - Stepped up for the emergency cabinet with enormous support from the northern population. Called for elections in 3729, but the superior council asked him to wait until 3730. Announced Ravir Eisenhorth as Champion.
Undetermined 3730-3734 - Male, details unknown. Presumably the President that shows up in Built for Risk .
Undetermined 3734-3737 -
Carina Martorel Syat 3738-3741 -
Jovaslan Alfaro 3742-3746 -

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