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Suocé Champions

Listing of Champions for the region of Suocé and its constituent Sovereignties during the timeframe of the 37th and 38th Century.

Name Term Notes
Undetermined Various Champions
Valabirna Balmaceda Before 3493 Took part in the Second Suocé Civil War.
Morubi Sangadra Before 3518 Lived in the Acrasa province after retirement. First Trainer ever to be photographed with a Legendary Pokémon in the The Present Era ( Forever Catch ).
Undetermined Various Champions
Alalia Morandé ~3670-~3683 First Champion recorded to meet with the three Cadrícean Deer since the time of the Departure.
Undetermined ~3683-~3686
Undetermined ~3686-~3694
Ardobal Charróas ~3694-~3698
Mitala emd De Apelieg ~3698-~3699 Retired to Caledoria to care for last surviving relative. After that resumed some activities as Trainer but did not retry a nomination as a Champion.
Ardobal Charróas ~3699-~3711
Nadia Shepard ~3711-3729 Held the longest term since the times of the Departure. She and her entire team were found dead in the aftermath of the Great Acrasa Earthquake of 3729.
Unoccupied 3729-3730
Ravir Eisenhorth 3730-3733 Passed down the title due to the aftermath of the Near Apocalypse of 3733.
Machalí sol Linaros 3733-3734 Took the title in Ravir's stead and held it to deal with the onset of the Ísparus Draconic Claim.
Ravir Eisenhorth 3734 Temporarily took the title back while Machalí was requested to attend the Gold Conference.
Machalí sol Linaros 3734-3737
Unoccupied 3736
Ravir Eisenhorth 3737-3741

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