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Ancient History

Over time the Pokémon World has gone through a number of Eras, with only the latest iteration being understood as the “recent history” of the Suocéverse. There were however a number of Early Eras that comprise the ancient history of the Suocéverse. Events in those eras are strongly tied to the mythology and the broad strokes balance of the Pokémon World, but except for aspects such as the existence of Fossil Pokémon and the Warring Triad, they do not directly influence current affairs.

All content starting here is subject to modifications via canon lore or events that can be introduced in later generations, and should be considered flavour text, not fully committed as canon to the Suocéverse.
As written at the moment of the latest revision, the chronology takes into account primarily elements up to Generation Ⅴ.


The first early Eras of the Pokémon World were dominated by the lives of wild Pokémon of the first iterations of designs created by the Lake and Creation trios; in the beginning they ran rampant following few laws beyond the relationship between predator and prey, thus in the early times the world was hectic and unfit for the emergence of great civilizations. Periodically the creator Legendaries carried out Purges as an attempt to restart the world with a new geology and new species. Some of the species who faced extinction left their footprint in the fossil record. Some other species managed to survive from one Purge to the next in very small numbers.

As new, simpler designs were introduced and the potential for Pokémon culture and civilization advanced, the early specimens who hid away for their survival emerged and attempted to use their experience and power to take advantage of the new world. The strongest example was the reign of terror that covered the world under the pressure of the last specimens each of three ancient species, who came to be known as the Warring Triad. After a long war that caused many extinctions, the activities of those Pokémon were put on hold when Arceus arrived bringing in a new species of non-Pokémon creatures called "humans" he had rescued, and placed them as temporary guests as a test for the Lake Trio.

Humans eventually tried to take over the Pokémon world for their own purposes, waging a new war of their own that eclipsed even the Warring Triad, but even they saw defectors among their youth who grew tired of the prospect of war and went to explore the world and survive on their own, gaining the early allegiance of some wild Pokémon. Conflict escalated to its worst with a final strike between the humans and their Sword and the Lake Trio, but the situation was eventually defused. Seeing an opportunity, the younger humans who had learned to live with Pokémon took initiative and sought the counsel of the Lake Trio, who supported their campaign to lure and imprison the Warring Triad.

The nascent truce and traditions between humans and Pokémon would eventually become codified in a binding treaty known as "The Vow", which allowed the two groups to coexist in a tense but safe relationship until the fog of time erased the events in the past, and eventually the rituals and traditions that originated with The Vow gave formation to the tradition of Pokémon Training.

Early Eras

In the first few early Eras, Pokémon were designed by the Lake and Creation trios to be powerful and plentiful, without a proper control over their powers, and did not follow many laws beyond the ones of predator and prey. Over time, a few Pokémon started congregating and socializing, but the world was too hectic back then to allow the emergence of large civilizations. Most if not all species in this time period were Monotypes.

Every once in a while, the Lake Trio and/or the Creation Trio would come down to exterminate most lifeforms in a "Purge" as an attempt to carry out a do-over with new lifeform designs, and wiping and redoing the world even at a geological scale with the destruction or creation of new continents; however the Legendaries did not have the experience nor the heart to execute such purges to completion, which allowed some species of the first few early Eras to go into hiding and survive into the next Eras, becoming cryptids of sorts.

One of the latest Purges in this time period ended with a more carefully planned extermination of several powerful species, of which the few survivors were the last specimen each of the species of Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza. These specimens went into hiding deep into the world, gathering elemental energy and hibernating until they could rise to a new world they knew would be started anew to their advantage.

As a direct consequence of the enhanced purge, the Drao, the first being ever created by the Creation Trio, became afraid of losing the favoritism of his progenitors and attempted to use the Draco Plate to hide from the Lake Trio; this resulted in the being becoming separate into at least two new lifeforms, Reshiram and Zekrom, and the Draco Plate becoming lost to time.

The Warring Triad

The next few Eras saw the emergence of the first attempts at large civilizations. In a world with new laws of physics and with new kinds of energy including Typeless Energy, they slowly learned how to thrive and expanded across the world, coming to congregate and organize around the springs that emanated power from the Plates that fell to the world. As such they created Elemental Safehavens of Bug, Fighting and Fairy energy.

As the first big civilizations secured their places in the world, the three specimens of Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza arose from their slumber and proceed to terrorize the known world, each bullying or convincing lesser species to side with them to gain safety from the other behemoth's attacks. The campaign of terror earned these creatures the name of the Warring Triad, and for the next hundreds years was conducted into the War of the Warring Triad.

Eventually, the chaos in the world was culled when Arceus arrived from a faraway place, bringing with him a colony vessel of some non-Pokémon creatures he had rescued from their fate. As a test for the Lake and Creation Trios, Arceus ordained that the new creatures be hosted in one of the continents of the Pokémon world as guests, thus forcing the warring Pokémon back then to be more measured in their exploits.

The War of Humans

Humans were quick to adapt to the Pokémon world, and focused on trying to expand beyond their continent and acquire supplies and resources to rebuild the vessel. The Lake Trio, unaccustomed to war, did not know how to stop their advances, and left the nascent Pokémon civilizations to fend for themselves. Humans also saw defectors in their side, as with the focus on expansion, children and elders were left behind in their base settlements to care for and manage them, a task to which they took to learn from observation of the local fauna and the Pokémon that remained in their area.

Over time the hostilities escalated; after humans started launching nuclear weapons to try and take over the Elemental springs, Pokémon learned from humans the art of war, and even the Lake Trio engaged in espionage, learning from the kind of technology that humans used that they could use those same tools in order to replace humans with a new non-Pokémon species of their own making who would be subservient to them. The Lake Trio engaged in various large-scale projects including a genetic engineering on human prisoners, and in a few generations turned the tide of the war. As a response, humans released their most powerful weapon - a Sword that was capable of killing any Pokémon, and started wiping out all life in the continent where the elemental springs were located.

Seeing the loss of more Pokémon species near the tail end of the war, Giratina struck a deal with humans to lead them to the sanctum of the Lake Trio where they would be able to destroy them; however it was all a ruse, as when the human strike team arrived to the sanctum they saw the destruction that the Lake and Creation trios were capable of they understood that Giratina was using them to deliver a powerful blow to the Lake Trio and enact a purge of his own in revenge for the loss of the Drao. Distraught at the reality-warping power of the higher Legendaries and the little concern they shown for their own creations, the humans forsook and destroyed the Sword so that it could not be used by Giratina or the Lake Trio, and receded back to their continent to try and gather their own people.

The Binding Vow

The last few human fighters had the intention to repair the vessel and escape the Pokémon world in search of Arceus to find a path back home, but they did not expect that in their absence, children would have learned to socialize with Pokémon who did not see them as an outright threat. Many young adults and Pokémon had emigrated to another continent where they were trying to colonize and hold back the attacks of the few remaining threats including the Warring Triad. A truce was reached where the emigrants would be protected casting the old, warring humans aside, and in exchange those humans would side with Pokémon chosen to try and take down the Warring Triad. The Lake Trio saw three pairs of humans and Pokémon allied who were of strength and experience and gave the Pokémon their blessing with the command to go capture the Warring Triad. Thus the First Trainers were born.

Over the next couple of years the select teams would go around the world luring the Warring Triad to a select location for capture, at a beach in an archipelago that over the next eons would become Hoenn. Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre were all taken down and sealed in order by different means, which required the sacrifice of the First Trainers. The behemoths captured, the humans and Pokémon attempted to reach terms of cohabitation.

For their lack of foresight and their cruelty when dealing with both humans and Pokémon, the Lake Trio were sealed in the island that would later become Sinnoh until Arceus deemed them of need. For his attempt to side with humans and directly attack the Lake Trio, Giratina was apprehended by Arceus and confined in the realm known as the Distortion World.

Taking the model of the First Trainers as a base, Arceus delivered the terms of a binding agreement that would allow the humans to remain in the Pokémon world as guests and the current species of the Pokémon world to live safely and develop civilizations secure from purges. The terms were codified into a ritualistic meeting between humans children and “wild” Pokémon, which would later be formulated into "The Vow" and, over the next few eras, would give rise to the tradition of Pokémon Training. The few surviving Pokémon of the ancient eras, such as the last few specimens of Lugia and Ho-Oh, seeing that the new world was not receptive of them, went into hiding expecting to naturally die from extinction in the upcoming years, but the Lake and Creation trios, now more understanding of their mistakes in the past, interceded for them and they were allowed a limited form of survival.

The Eras of Calm

The next few eras would be noticeably more peaceful in comparison to the war of the Warring Triad, with humans and Pokémon learning to coexist in the world; still, for various reasons both civilizations would have to undergo various do-overs as the eras passed, and eventually most knowledge of the events in the past was lost. From the perspective of both humans and wild Pokémon who inhabited the next few Eras, they had always lived together in a tense but stable relationship that would face threats of a different nature over time.

Over time, events would progress into a new era, the “Previous Era”, which would primarily face the threat of the Rain from the Heavens and the resurgence of the ancient Pokémon, now to be known as the “Legendaries”.

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