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Ĵivadma is a Latias living in Mainline Suocéverse by the timeframe of the The Present Era.




Ĵivadma is an elevated Latii individual, with skills going above those of a normal Latias. Other than her combat capacity, her psychometric and psychosensing abilities might even go above those of a Mega Latias forme and allow her such feats as maintaining the Latii colony of Alto Mare hidden from detection during at least the 35th and 36th century.

As a Matriarch of a Latii colony, she might have the power to imbue special Soul Dews with “Refrain Across Stardust”, the Latii “spell” that allows settled colonies to send psychic beacons to outer space or across dimensions, to look for Latii colonies in other worlds.

Character History

Ĵivadma was presumably born in the S-054 Undersea Pillar at a time no later than 3200 PE(~533 before Gen1) , to one of the researcher Latii living in the Pillar. At some point in her life, she was assigned the role of Matriarch of the planet's main colony and relocated to Alto Mare. There she had at least four children: one male and three female.

At some point during the 35th or 36th Century, Ĵivadma was called forth and signed in to one of the seats of the Seven Star-Claws, a cabal of draconic Pokémon counseling the behaviour of a number of Sovereignties across the world. She would retain this seat until shortly after the events of the Near Apocalypse of 3733 PE(~0 after Gen1) .

Shortly before the Near Apocalypse, parley with some other communities of Ghost and Dark types revealed Ĵivadma had been drawing away resources and contacts of the cabal for her own purposes. Questioned about it, she revealed an omen brought by Vedhismegral's visions that two Latii colonies, one of them Undersea Pillar, would be raided by Fairy Pokémon “from the stars”. To try and prevent this fate she had for a whole century sanctioned and supported the elimination of a number of seer Pokémon of various factions, so that they could not detect or reveal the locations of all the four Latii colonies in the Mainline world.

Immediately after the Near Apocalypse, geological and elemental instabilities across the world built up to dangerous level. A tsunami threatened to wipe out Alto Mare while Ĵivadma was away at council, made worse by an ancient defense system machinery in the human city going haywire when someone tried to activate it with the powers of a Latios. Ĵivadma's male child, taking the role of protector of the hidden colony and the human settlement nearby, managed to stop the tsunami at the cost of his own life ("Guardian Gods of the City of Water").

Ĵivadma retired from the Seven-Claws shortly after, presumably around 3740 PE(~7 after Gen1) , to dedicate fully to her position of Matriarch, as with Vedhismegral's death during the Galactic Incident, Ĵivadma was unable to obtain more information about the potential attackers. Her successor in the Seven Star-Claws is undetermined.

Combat Technique

Ĵivadma is an extremely high level Latias specimen with combat orientation similar to that of a druid or a cleric. She can use all the moves Latias can learn by level-up. She also has the power to siphon the psychic potential energy of other Psychic type Pokémon to power up her own healing moves, although this skill can not be used directly in combat (as that energy is being converted from potential energy to Moves).


The name Ĵivadma comes from “jivatma”, an alternate name in Jainism and related belief systems for an entity imbued with the force of “Jīva” or life; that is, an entity that has a soul, that breathes and lives.

It is also the name of Jivatma, a storyline boss in King of Fighters: Maximum Impact sub-franchise. The name is chosen for Ĵivadma in the Suocéverse as it related to her character concept in two ways: first, Jivatma being described as a being of life shrouded in mystery, as Latii in Suocéverse are; second, the storyline concept of Jivatma and other characters in Maximum Impact seeking out “Judeim” an entity of great power hinted to be alien or come from the stars, this reflecting on how Matricarchs of Latii colonies seek out other Latii across worlds.


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