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Zohchihfa is Nadia Shepard's male Milotic, originally a Feebas. His origin is uncertain, as both he and Nadia give differing accounts of their initial meetings, with Zohchihfa frequently pointing out that he was born in the depths of the eastern sea, lived there as a Milotic, and only came to the surface after sensing one day Nadia's call for enlightenment.

Nadia Shepard
Nadia Shepard

As a Milotic, Zohchihfa is a strong fighter, and the second Pokémon in the team hardest to take down after Clefable, but also is an eminently mystical Pokémon, with an affinity to hear what he calls the “murmurs of heavenly desires” (presumably echoes of the Creation Trio's presence) when close to the depths of the sea.

Zohchihfa and Aleola always have had a strong relationship as mystical Pokémon, being the closest the team had to a band of brothers. The two of them ran support for Nadia's missions and operations for several years, up to and including the events of Interim, where the two maintain Nadia, Ravir and Machalí tethered to the “physical world”, and Zohchihfa attempts to hear out into the “sea between worlds” for traces of the threat that Nadia believes comes to the Suocé region. Much to Sigilyph (Nadia) and Clefable (Nadia)'s concern, they suspect Zohchihfa is losing himself to the “sea between worlds” during this event, and Zohchihfa and Aleola are prevented from taking part in the battles against Ravir and Machalí.

Shortly after the events of Interim, Zohchihfa perished together with the rest of Nadia's team, under circumstances undisclosed even to the Pokémon League.


  • Interim(TBA)

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