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Thom Eisenhorth

Thom Eisenhorth is a Trainer from western Suocé and one of the protagonists of “Stars of Suocé(TBA) . He's a ~13 yr old Trainer going through his second Trainer's Journey and is the youngest sibling of by-then current Suocé Champion Ravir Eisenhorth and of Merez Eisenhorth. Thom began his journey together with a Totodile sometime ca. ~3730 ME.

Thom Eisenhorth
Aug 4
blue, spikish

While Thom is a self-sufficient person for his age, and is very close to his team, he has inherited the same flaws that Ravir has as a Trainer, mainly his stubbornness to seek out given opponents and his inability to focus on one singular task up to completion.


During his first Journey, Thom made acquaintances and sort-of-rivals with Matja Zaveḱ from the Cholcone Province. Eventually they both obtained seven of their eight badges, but then the Great Caledoria-Cadrícea Earthquake struck and the Conferences of the two regions were temporarily cancelled due to the damage.

During the next year, Thom returned to schooling but eventually took the first chance he got to resume his Journeys, both to keep his skills sharp and to try and land an eventual job in the western area of Vys Ocassum. While initially these efforts are fruitful, eventually his drive shifts to more personal matters, in part spurn by the nomination of his eldest brother Ravir as Champion of the Region of Suocé.

During a visit to Acrasia to visit extended family, Thom found a note left by a stranger, hinting at the upcoming public nomination of his brother; Thom knew that this nomination would place him in a difficult position as people would start seeing him less as a Trainer worth on his own and more as second-prize for challengers to beat as a “Ravir lite”. Wanting to clearly differentiate himself from his brother before it is too late, Thom takes a train to Cadrícea where the announcement is going to be made, in the hopes of catching his brother in a challenge at or before his nomination. The events of the challenge, and a battle intervention by fellow Trainer Matja are what sets the protagonist's side of events during “Stars of Suocé(TBA) in motion.

Stars of Suocé

Post-Stars of Suocé

After the events of Stars…, Thom is one of the trainers offered an research assistant intership at the northern PEFE office that has just opened in the region. Of the trainers, Thom is the one who eventually takes up the offer, and he spends some time near Nueva Rasín helping in researching of healing methods user by river biome Pokémon.



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  • Stars of Suocé(TBA) (MC)
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