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The Red Dot

The Red Dot, sometimes called simply “It”, is a strange non-Pokémon creature that is the arch-nemesis of Giovanni's Persian.



The Red Dot is a strange creature that manifests out of thin air as a spot or a blur of red light that lies on any of a number of surfaces. It does not have a more definite shape beyond that.


The most notable skill the Red Dot has is the ability to move from surface to surface basically unhindered and at an incredible speed. Once lying on a surface, be it a table, a wall or almost anything else, it can jump to another surface at a moment's notice, even when that destination surface is not necessarily nearby. It is apparent that the act of jumping from surface to surface can force the creature to change its shape or blurriness, but this does not appear to have any other side effects.

The Red Dot is quite insidious: it can appear inside any closed chamber without further notice, and disappear from them just as easily. Much to Persian's frustration, it can even show up at the most safely guarded facilities of Team Rocket, and seems to be partially immune to a number of countermeasures up and including Persian's lunging at it.

Because of the mostly unrivaled infiltration skills the Red Dot has showcased, Persian dreamed of in the future recruiting and training the not-yet-born Mewtwo so the two of them could finally defeat their fated foe ( Overlord ).


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