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aka: Sovereign Land.

Some areas of the Pokémon World are left for Pokémon to inhabit, colonize and organize independently, outside of overall human interference. Among those, the ones that have evolved into cross-species societies of their own take the form of Sovereign Lands or Sovereignties: areas governed by Pokémon and structured for their own use.

From a sociological perspective and since Pokémon are sapient species, a Sovereignty has similar standing to a human-maintained “region” or smaller distinction of such as a district, including having its own form of government. At the geopolitical scale, most Sovereignties would likely be equivalent to human communes or districts and be treated as such where borders, supplies and trade are concerned, whereas some of the larger or more powerful Sovereignties could have political weight equivalent to that of a human province - and some of them would be considered independent territories and have embassy representatives, probably in the form of Ranger-class Trainers.

Bottom line: in this world humans do take into consideration they are not the only sapient species.

History and Evolution

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Documented Sovereignties

  • Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty. Has shared territory with humans as a division of the Suocé region. Ruled by a Muskedeer trio until ~3300 and again since ~3730 of the Present Era.
  • Now-defunct (as of 3730) Rienna Valleys Sovereignty near Isla Triángulo (Emisre). Eradicated sometime ca. ~3650 of the Present Era. Last rulers unknown. (Guild of Rienna)
  • Draconic Holy Land in Northern Johto, born during the Fifth Era and inhabited by various dragon-types that migrated from the lands to the north to Johto for security. Rulers undecided.
  • La Plancha Sovereignty in western Suocé, covers the entirety of the namesake plateau in the western side of the region, hence the name. Rulers have changed over the years, as of 3735 Present Era official ruler is Inka.
  • One in eastern Kalos, with Pokémon Town one of its landmarks. Ruler, name and structure undecided (DEVEL note: waiting on Z / X2Y2).
  • The Dragonspiral Moors, in western Unova. Expands to the west to reach the regional borders of Unova. Ruled by a local Claim of three Draconic Pokémon, might eventually pass rule to a theocracy led by Reshiram and Zekrom.
  • Now-defunct one in the Tree of Beginning. Ruler probably Movie8!Mew. Evacuated and mostly abandoned during the Rota conflict serving as backstory for M8.
  • Unnamed one in Western Caledoria. Ruled by families of Ice-types. (Gelid Remainder)
  • Unnamed one in Hoenn / Sinnoh.
  • Unnamed one in a mountain area north of Emisre, in what would be equivalent to IRL Canada. Ruled by an undetermined Dragon Pokémon. (Guild of Rienna)



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