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Rigel Kaihid

Rigel Kaihid is a male Sinnoh Trainer who began his adventure at about the same Lou Varan did in Sinnoh. He is a focus character in “Guild of Rienna(TBA) , where he attempts to discover the mysteries behind the titular group as he goes through his adventures in the Emisre region. He eventually returns to Sinnoh and serves as a sort of mentor figure to newest pupil of Prof. Rowan, a female student called Dawn. Rigel's experience as an explorer and spelunker leads him to involve himself in various underground matters in the region of Emisre, eventually leading him to assist the Guild of Rienna in exchange of an opportunity to unveil the secrets of the eponymous valley.


Rigel is a Trainer who takes his adventures as an extended time of acclimatation and does not put himself under stress to perform well in league challenges or the like; rather, once he feels a region becomes too “hard” to be enjoyable, he tends to jump to the next one. Rather than following the trail most Trainers do from one place to another in search of badges, Rigel stays around one particular place for long periods of time.

He makes most of his income for travels from lending services related to search and exploration, and his team is trained to perform well at that as well as to avoid ambushes or theft.

Rigel is the younger sibling; he had an elder sister, Adhafra Kaihid, who died from sickness shortly into Rigel's travel to the Emisre region.



Character History

Rigel began his travels with a Turtwig from the Starter Batch, Fudoah, by his side. During his first years as a Trainer he obtained a small number of Pokémon and eventually took to the Lily of the Valley Conference Tournament.

At some point before 3728 PE, Rigel would have been given an egg, Roc's and his mate's egg, by researcher Tagg to raise before he departed to Unova. A short time later Shahinne would hatch from the egg.

Late 3730, Rigel was working with other trainers as a small group looking for lost caves, bases or settlements left by early civilizations in the northern edge of the Unova-Emisre continent. When news came up that the Guilders Association of Emisre was opening slots for the exploration and research of the region's north and eastern valleys, the group of Trainers took advantage of their previous experience and migrated to Emisre to sign up to any of the various projects there made available.

Travels in Emisre

The Emisre-Rienna War

The Release of the Lake Trio


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Rigel Kaihid

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