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Rondovia is one of the regions of the Pokémon World in Mainline Suocéverse. It is the easternmost and largest region of the continent in the southern hemisphere where Suocé is located. Largely dominated by forests and a number of mountain chains, it serves as a stand-in for geographical IRL areas such as Paraguay, eastern Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

The region has seen human inhabitation since at least the beginning of the Previous Era, as it was one of the regions the various populations of the globe migrated to during the fall of the Destruction Rain from the Heavens. While it remained mostly isolated during a few thousand years, it opened to exploration during the onset of the The Present Era and after a number of political changes the various civilizations that developed in it and the neighbour regions coalesced into the nation of Rondovia.

Rondovia borders to the south with Suocé (more precisely with the province of Cuasto), and to the northwest with an unnamed region that serves as the stand-in for the Guayanas that Mew are said to be native from.


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