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Caledoria is one of the regions of the Mainline World of the Suocéverse. It is the southern neighbor of the Suocé region. It is a long and cold region that stretches to the south past the southern Antarctic Circle.

The region has been inhabited since early in the The Present Era and during its early years survived mostly thanks to trade, farming of animals, and being one of the few regions able to export water until technology caught up. A few times during its history Caledoria has been ravaged by plague and famine, and one of those times led to the migration of population to the northern arm of land of Cadrícea, eventually leading to the founding of the Suocé region.

Caledoria (more precisely its opposite side to the arm of land connecting to Suocé) is where “Gelid Remainder(TBA) takes place.



See: History.

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The demonym for an inhabitant of Caledoria is Caledorian; in Spanish, Caledoriano/a. See also: Demonym.


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