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A Pokémon-EX (or “-ex” or “ EX” or variations thereof) is a Pokémon specimen who has undergone a particular kind of transformation or variation. In this case, the Pokémon in question has been branded or “blessed” by another Pokémon with divine-like powers, usually a Legendary Pokémon, and marked as a servant or envoy in the pursuit of specific goals and missions the brander considers of importance.


A EX-branded Pokémon is a sort of “Chosen One” for the given Legendary or figure who branded them. These specimens are ordained to serve their brander in the accomplishment of a given mission, or are branded to be recognized as worth of trust after having provided the Legendary and/or its protectorate with a vital service.

In-universe, the EX stands for Exemplary (English) / Excelsio (Spanish).

As detailed under EX Branding, receiving the brand is voluntary; this distinguishes Pokémon EX from other variations such as Shininess (accidental) or Shadowification (imposed by force).

Pokémon EX happen to look somewhat different from others of their species, by the sporting of specific golden marks in their bodies themed after the figure who branded them.

The transformation into a Pokémon EX does not otherwise strongly alter the Pokémon's core traits, physiology or psychology, unlike some other forms of variation such as Pokémon δ or Shadowification. The branded Pokémon remains, for all functional purposes, a member of the same species, able to be detected by a Pokédex as such, able to be challenged and captured, able to use the moves their species' movepool includes, and able to breed progeny. Instead the branding gives the chosen specimen selected attributes that assist in the completion of their assigned task, as follows:

Stamina Up Noticeably increases the specimen's stamina / durability.
EX Awareness Allows the specimen to identify, track and call other Pokémon EX branded by the same figure.
EX Call Allows the specimen to be beckoned or signaled by their branding figure at any time.
Imbued Technique Gives the specimen an extra move or technique for their arsenal.
Deflective Aura Slightly modifies the specimen's aura to help it brush off energy-tampering techniques such as Spite.

Stamina Up

Branding as a Pokémon EX grants the specimen a noticeably higher stamina that allows them to withstand or counter damage for longer or to flee to safe locations. The increased stamina also allows them to withstand super-effective hits and still be able to respond to the damage more effectively, a core trait of Pokémon EX as they are usually designated as defenders or official envoys of a given Legendary.

Unlike most other traits, the increased stamina is transparent to observation, and would not be apparent to a challenger how worn down a Pokémon EX actually is unless they are also fairly experienced in battling their vanilla morph.

EX Awareness

Pokémon EX have their natural aura slightly altered. The most important effect of this alteration is that Pokémon EX branded by the same figure can be aware of the presence of each other within a certain space, and they can for the most part easily identify other Pokémon who have been EX branded or that sport other sorts of supernatural alterations.

Pokémon EX can be aware of when their branding figure brands or debrands another creature.

EX Call

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Imbued Technique

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Deflective Aura

Pokémon EX have their aura slightly modified as described above. The branding grants their natural energy a sort of “stickiness” that functions as minimal protection against techniques that dispel, seal or taint a Pokémon's energy, such as Haze or Spite. It also protects their natural energy from being drawn out by certain materials or creatures that can siphon another Pokémon's energy; most notoriously, Pokémon EX are immune against a challenger casting Mimic or Metronome to copy their Imbued Technique or EX Call, and they can, if their aura is sticky enough, avoid the “tracking” effect of techniques such as Swift.

When targeted by a technique that would seal or dispel their natural energy as described above, the Pokémon's altered aura can be briefly observed: the foreign energy will bounce off the Pokémon EX's aura, casting an after-image not much unlike that of a hologram.

Known Pokémon EX

The first Pokémon to have ever receive Branding were the three Pokémon accompanying the First Trainers (Third Era). However no such records of the event exist in the Suocéverse's The Present Era in-universe. It is :?:undecided(meta/in-universe) what would the earliest existing records of branded Pokémon be, with the current candidate being Millalobo "the Crafter" (as per last update of this document).

At the time of Generation Ⅴ, one known branded specimen is Spectrum, a Flygon serving Ho-Oh.

Other known Pokémon-EX:

Dalvin Dalvin is a Piplup, later Empoleon, later Empoleon-EX living in the PMD World of the Suocéverse. As a Character Concept, he represents the canon partner…
Hierarches The Hierarches of Dragonspiral Tower (from hierarch, “one with high authority in sacred things”) are three Pokémon-EX who assist Reshiram and Zekrom…
Millalobo "the Ascendant" Millalobo is a Popplio outlaw living in Mainline Suocéverse during the timeframe of up to a few decades before the events of the main…
Millalobo "the Crafter" Millalobo is a Popplio serving under Kyogre in Mainline Suocéverse. He was part of a line of reincarnations of the original sorcerer Mi…
Spectrum Spectrum is a female Flygon specimen, formerly trained, who lives under the wing of the Protector Ho-Oh and works for him as the caretaker and teacher…


Pokémon EX” is a concept that hails from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which features various kinds od Pokémon variations (Pokémon-EX and Pokémon LV.X, among others) with special traits and effects. Meta-wise, traits adapted or reinterpreted include:

  • The increased stamina reflects the higher HP that Pokémon EX have in the trading card game.
  • “EX Call” is a move shared by several Pokémon EX in the trading card game.
  • The “holographic” after-image Pokémon EX give off when protecting their aura alludes to the fact that EX cards from the TCG sometimes have holographic borders.
  • Were a Suocéverse game ever be released, Pokémon EX would give double EXP, as a nod to the TCG rule of double prize for defeating a EX card.

While the concept itself draws from the TCG, it was first adapted and texted in WAAPT, interpreting Pokémon EX as the marking or blessing of one's “deity”, concept that I first introduced during the Orange Islands Arc, and which later took off; the base idea of Pokémon-EX shared with the WAAPT-verse remains that of Pokémon branded as servants with their deity, although the Suocéverse interpretation and the WAAPT-verse interpretation differ in the fine print.

In-universe, the EX stands for Exemplary (English) / Excelsio (Spanish).

See also: Pokémon Variations; Pokémon EX..

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