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“Nraḟal”, also written as “Nrafhal” where more convenient, is a new Pokémon setting in development and the foundation for a set of future stories. It is intended to be a Pokémon-centric world, without human presence, or as can be described, “PMD minus the MD”.

Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Nraḟal (requires login).

Nrafhal consists of a planet binary with two Earth-like worlds running a parallel orbit around their sun, and connected by a powerful energetic phenomenon known as “The Shackle”. The worlds are internally called “Nr-a” for the inner-orbit one and “Nr-b” for the outer-orbit one, with the candidate in-universe names of “Nraḟiil-fríd” and “Nraḟiil-zmer”.

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