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Matja Zaveḱ

Matja Zaveḱ, formally Matja Celinyova Zaveḱ, is a female Trainer from western Suocé and one of the protagonists of Stars of Suocé (TBA).


She is a Trainer of about 14 yr old returning from a journey to a faraway region in order to have her Extended Journey evaluated. She is the only child of a second generation immigrant family comprised of Cholcone Councilman Evgeny Zaveḱ and his wife Celina Teroska. She is friends with Adanei Varan, with whom she shared accommodations during the Great Caledoria-Cadrícea Earthquake, and has a sort-of-rivals relationship with fellow Trainer Thom Eisenhorth. By the age of 16, she becomes a relevant and sought for figure in the Trainer marketplace after her team, led by her starter Elena, travel to Caledoria and intervene in the cleaning of the Crossed Winds Temple where a roaming Regice was stuck.



Of the main characters of Stars of Suocé, Matja is the only one to have met former Champion Nadia Shepard in person, as she was there assisting Prof. Sirana Alvir when the Professor gave Matja her choice Starter. Matja values Nadia as an inspiring figure and echoes the former Champion's desire and words to the effect of “never running out of adventures”, even though their approaches to that goal are radically different (and to be fair, Nadia has over 20 years of more experience).


Character History

During her first Journey, Matja crossed paths several times with Artilean Trainer Thom. Chance wanted it they often met at or during Gym challenges, and thus an unofficial rivalry was born between them. Unfortunately, both their travels were cut short after the cancellation of the regional Suocé Conference, forcing Matja to return home.

Some time later, Matja decided to take advantage of an invitation by friends to the family to travel to the northern region of Fiore and from there to Sinnoh, and thus she left to restart her adventures. She eventually signed up to the Lily of the Valley Regional Conference, but she and several Trainers later decided to return home after a roaming Articuno blocked access to an important portion of the region (Suocéverse Legends).

Stars of Suocé

Post-Stars of Suocé

At some point after the adventures of Stars of Suocé, Matja accompanies a group of Trainers in their first travel to the region of Caledoria, as a sort of political anchor figure due to her father's placement as a Councilman. When the leading Trainers in the team manage to qualify for the Caledoria Regional Conference, Matja parts on her own way, interested in exploring the tales of a migrating bird, apparently Moltres, that has been seen in the western mountains of the region.

Her journeys eventually lead her to the buried Crossed Winds Temple, where she and Water specialist Lév manage to remove a Regice that had become stuck there, its powers endangering the structural safety of the temple (Gelid Remainder (TBA)). Finding traces of a bird that was not Moltres, Matja returns to Suocé to study the ancient bird Pokémon, and discovers she has become a renowned Trainer in Suocé after managing to rein in and free the ice golem, even if in her own words she had more of a support role; unknown to her, Lév had contacted an unknown entity to expunge most of the information regarding his participation in the event, accidentally leaving Matja portrayed as the main agent.

Matja was among the many Trainers who volunteered to join the deterrence and evacuation emergency effort set out to assist Slateport during the Near Apocalypse of 3733; her request and many others were denied by then E4 Yarade LeBlanc. She was instead offered the option to attach to a containment effort to handle the escalation of hostilities between the Ísparus Draconic Claim led by Johtoan Dragon Elder Rahnzikik and the La Plancha Sovereignty led by local Enforcer Inka; as both localities surrounded her home district, she quickly joined the effort.


Team: Matja Zavek
Elena Rhyhorn (Matja) Snorlax (Matja)
As seen last in: During Stars of Suocé


  • Stars of Suocé(TBA) (main character)
  • Gelid Remainder(TBA) (main character)
  • (cameo)


Matja Celinyova Zaveḱ

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