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Machalí sol Linaros

Machalí sol Linaros (born Machalí Linaros B.) is a character in the contemporary history of the region of Suocé, being also one of the MCs of Interim. A ~25 yr old male ( “Interim(TBA) ) taking turns at the jobs of a Trainer and a researcher, he is one of the most competent Trainers in the region, sporting the Elite Rank as well as the coveted (and considered dangerous) Cero Registry rank.

By the time of 3731 PE(~2 before Gen1) , he is sought out by worldwide conglomerate Pokefutures as a research asset, and is one of the candidates to become the next Champion of the Region, the other being his acquaintance and former colleague Ravir Eisenhorth.





Character History

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).

For details of Machalí's life previous to his becoming the Champion, see Machalí sol Linaros / Backstory.

End spoilers.


Tenure as Champion

By 3729 PE(~4 before Gen1) , Ravir has been designated Champion of the Suocé Region, and Machalí has left to specialize his training and evaluate Giovanni's research. Some time later, after the Kyogre-Groudon confrontation in Hoenn, Ravir cedes the Champion position to him.

Machalí debuts his tenure as Champion in 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) dealing with the discovery of a covert operation of what appears to be the Caledorian military deep under the grounds of the La Plancha Sovereignty, adding fuel to an already tense conflict between the Sovereignty and the nascent Draconic Claim of the Isparus mountains by a migrating Swablu flight.

By 3735 PE(~2 after Gen1) , with Ho-Oh's/Lugia's returning flight passing over the region of Suocé, Machalí attempts to return the title of Champion to Ravir, but they are distracted by a number of events across the neighbour regions regarding wild Pokémon populations and an attacking entity dubbed “The Countless”.

At some time right before the events of GenⅣ, Machalí hands over the position of Champion to Ravir Eisenhorth and heads over to Johto per request of Tangent, one of the whistleblowers of the Pokefutures scandal, to join him in auditing assets that were recovered from the megacorp as part of Project PEFE. Once there, they arrange to enter the Gold Conference as auditors to interview various Trainers who are starting “hero organizations” on their own.


Machalí began his Journey long ago in the province of Isparus, with a Nidoran♀ Inka by his side. The first Pokémon he caught was a Hoothoot, who remained with him and took the leadership of the team when his starter retired.

Team: Machalí sol Linaros
As seen last in: Interim

Team: Machalí sol Linaros
As seen last in: Stars of Suocé (early arcs)

Team: Machalí sol Linaros
As seen last in: post-ME epoch


Machalí sol Linaros
Elite, Champion

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