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Ho-Oh, also called the Protector Ho-Oh, is a particular specimen of »Ho-Oh (Pokémon) with special powers and abilities and who takes on the role of the protector of the realm of Kanjoh and other locations nearby, worshipped alongside a similar Lugia specimen as deities. Other specimens of Ho-Oh exist, such as Nix.

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As with many member of his species, Ho-Oh is a sturdy flier and a physical fighter. Ho-Oh might have had the physical prowess and technical skill necessary to have gone after the non-upgraded Groudon when the Weather Trio was released from their slumber inciting the [Near Apocalypse of 3733. Eventually, Ho-Oh's skill and vitality allowed him to sustain combat (together with Lugia) against the elder god Giratina, who is at least three power brackets above them.

Ho-Oh has the power to, under certain conditions, revive recently deceased Pokémon. Alternatively he is capable of restoring the vitality of a large number of Pokémon in his vicinity.

It is suspected that Ho-Oh's rank as a Protector comes with an “upgrade” to this power that allows him to even change the species of those recently deceased, promoting them into the listings of some species considered endangered, as it would have happened to the three Tower guardians that became the Johtoan Entei, Raikou and Suicune.

As other high-rank Legendaries, Ho-Oh is capable of selecting individuals and imparting them a portion of divine power in the form of EX Branding. Because he favours his own seclusion, Ho-Oh uses this power sparingly, with the most notable subject being a nest guard.

Character History

The following section deals with Lore details.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.

The Ho-Oh who came to be known as the Protector of Kanjoh during the Present Era was born off the coast of Ransei, shortly before the wars that plagued the region, the youngest chick of the island guardian Shiranui and an unnamed wild Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh soon left the nest and flew to establish himself together with few other Ho-Oh specimens on the mountain lands far north of Johto, where he remained for several years.

After Shiranui retired, the power of the chosen Ho-Oh passed down to this particular Ho-Oh, who travelled to the south to Johto and build a name for himself. Eventually he came to be respected as the Protector of the lands together with Lugia. The two were give shrines in Ecruteak Town, where they perched and lived on for about forty-five years.

Eventually the day came where, during a war over tributes, the shogunate of Ecruteak came under attack, with their forces and population spread thin to the point they were not able to respond when a joint weather attack caused a storm over the town. Lugia's perch was demolished and Ho-Oh's prech caught fire.

Shocked at the turn of events, which they interpreted as a direct attack from humans, Ho-Oh mistakenly used his power to revive three of the guard Pokémon of the tower, promoting them to the form of Gerbils. Scared of his own power and the reaction of the people in Ecruteak upon seeing the “undead”, Ho-Oh fled the lands and flew to the East. Lugia had shortly before flown away to the savage lands to the West. The fated day brought upon a domino effect that would come to be known as the Day of Departure.

It is suspected that very short after, either Lugia or Ho-Oh took temporary refuge in the coasts near the Cadrícean Sovereignty, where the three Deer Pokémon rulers sought them for counsil after what had happened. Whatever the result of the meeting was the Deer Pokémon kept secret, but it was the morning after that the bird Pokémon flew to the South to the colder lands of Caledoria, and the three Deer Pokémon also renounced the position of protectors of their lands, fading into obscurity. This same event took place with various Legendaries across the world, and soon after, the departure of the Protectors spurred many Legendaries across the world to fade into obscurity ( “Interim(TBA) ).

Ho-Oh flew from place to place, orbiting the continent where Kanjoh was located, for several years. Among his various temporary nesting places were counted Navel Island and Rota. He stayed on the wing for nearly 200 years, not bothering to make contact with people or Pokémon, situation further exacerbated when he learned of the passing of his parents.

Only about 60 years before the events of Gen I did Ho-Oh go out to explore the world and he eventually found a mate, with whom he sired their own chick, Nix. Ho-Oh took Nix under his wing and migrated to an unknown place near Kanto, where he put Nix under the care of a formerly trained Flygon that he had promoted to his mate's personal guard, Spectrum.

While out in hiding, Ho-Oh seriously considered coming back to the world once: the day when the Weather Trio were broken free of their sealing and threatened to lay waste to the world. Ho-Oh recoiled due to not wanting to put Nix in danger however, and migrated to the mountains north of the Dragon Paradise Sovereignty instead.

A couple years after the unsealing of the Weather Trio, Ho-Oh woke up one morning sensing one of his Rainbow Feathers had been unearthed by a Trainer and a team strong of spirit with the intent to protect Johto. Far away from the region and sensing a tremendous energy shakeup in the world, Ho-Oh sought council from a group of Pokémon, and agreed to head towards the region to protect it after designating two teams of Pokémon to fetch and secure both his chick Nix and his fellow Protector Lugia's Pleo; this since he had the strong feeling that he and Lugia would both perish on that day.

End lore.


By the time he arrived to Johto the center of the region was covered in a foul aura emerging from the Ruins of Alph, now connected to the Distortion World. Seeking around, Ho-Oh found the Trainer who had unearthed his feather, among the many fallen or in the brink of dead after trying to hold back the elder god Giratina. This time voluntarily releasing his power, Ho-Oh engaged Giratina head-on over the skies of Violet, Alph and Ecruteak, but was soon defeated and fell to the lake in Rt. 38. Before Giratina could deliver a killing blow, Lugia broke in and the two birds engaged the elder god in battle.

While even together they were no match for an elder god, they still managed to last enough for Dawn and Cynthia to sever the connection between the Distortion World and the Ruins of Alph, forcing Giratina to recede (Generation IV).

Assured that Johto was safe once again, Ho-Oh flew to Ecruteak where he reclaimed his perch, and came to be welcome as a Protector once again. Because he still missed the tranquility he enjoyed at his previous perches where he lived alone with Nix and very few followers, however, Ho-Oh decided to share his perch with his fellow Protector Lugia, and periodically left to explore the lands of Kanjoh to reacquaint himself with them again.



Ho-Oh's mother is Shiranui, a Ho-Oh from Ransei. The identify of his father is unknown, presumed to have been a wild Ho-Oh from Almia.

Ho-Oh has a mate in the wild and together they have a chick, Nix ( Simpler than Magic ).


The Lugia Protector counterpart to Ho-Oh is Lugia, and Pleo would be Nix's were she to take her father's role.

Ho-Oh has a number of “chosen ones” dedicated to certain tasks, including:

It is suspected that at some point Ho-Oh met Inka and considered appointing her as a nest guardian; instead he would eventually nominate her son for a separate role. The spot of nest guardian was granted to Spectrum.

Known Locations


kanjoh, ho-oh_s_mate
≥600 yr before G1

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