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Listing of stories and fiction that take part of the Suocé-verse. Note this list does not comprise non-fiction material such as treatises and articles; see the bottom of this page for details.

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Primary Publications: PokéCommunityAO3

Publications: SerebiiCanalave LibraryPokémaster – cPokemon – Fanficslandia

Social : Mastodon – Matrix – Tumblr



#ArticleReleases (en)Releases (es)Summary
1Into the FireThousand Roads (TR5A), PokéCommunity(pending)A Kommo-o father teaches his hatchlings the prizes of a hunt, but when the children then go missing near the nest of a competitor species, the father realizes the hatchlings have taken the wrong lesson!
2A Force in TimeRelease: Thousand Roads (TR5A)
Others: Bulbagarden (2024)
(pending)Celebi is assisting a team in an important fight, but has to take her leave when it's time for the new episode of her favourite telenovela.
3Owed ReturnPrimary: PokéCommunity (SWC 2023)
Others: Archive of Our Own, WAAPT (2023)
(pending)A Pangoro has been on the run from his people for years, after bringing dishonour to their name. But as he goes from one odd job to the other, Eva Zor slowly allows the mysterious masked Pokémon to catch up to him.
4A Leader's SeatingPrimary: Thousand Roads (2023 Drabble Bingo)
Others: Archive of Our Own (2023)
Bulbagarden (2023)
(pending)A Rhydon from Fire Island arrives to the Blizzard Islands to seek out negotiations, hoping to connect the Grass and Sand continents. To achieve this, he must convince the three guardian leaders of the island with a project that establishes commerce between the regions… and thus he shall appeal to the different natures of these Pokémon.
5Fiery DispositionThousand Roads (primary)
PokéCommunity (2023), Bulbagarden (2023)
(pending)Tephros and the rest of Miria's team explore the wilderness in search of flowers, but the Blaziken's mind is focused on the power of fire and the easy solutions this power reveals.
6Tastes AnewArchive of Our Own (primary)
PokéCommunity (2023)
(pending)After Plasma's raid on Dragonspiral Tower, the Tao Dragons return to it to find themselves unable to find tribute to sate their hunger with. Thus they examine their options to quickly fetch food tributes, and in the end decide that the person best suited to help with this is N.
7Auld FoundationsPokéCommunity (SWC Entry), Canalave Library, Thousand Roads
Archive of Our Own
(pending)In the wake of several problems with politics and infrastructure, the city of Salípolis enacts an ordinance temporarily banning Pokémon workers within the city. But Sorento, a bike gang member who trains his Houndoom to act as a caretaker for children, doesn't give the ordinance the benefit of the doubt.
8Dangerous UpgradePrimary: Thousand Roads
Others: PokéCommunity (2022), Archive Of Our Own (2023)
(pending)Witnessing hints that the safeguards of the multiverse are breaking, Gamañel faces the Voice of Life in a surprise meeting, the two parties accusing each other of the impending doom of the PMD world.
9A Good Year to RawrPrimary: PokéCommunity (SWC 2021);
Others: Archive of Our Own, Thousand Roads (2022)
(pending)A Salamence has found himself a nice island to lord and prey over. What is he going to do with this glorious find? Why, he's gonna sleep on it and have a nice and relaxed time of course!
10Blink, SlowlyAO3 Serebii, PokéCommunity (2021)Two Pokémon, a Lucario and a Luxray, find themselves at the end of their just failed mission to change the world. Their work, their prize and their entire quest snatched from them at the pivotal point. Can they survive this life-defining setback? Can their friendship?
11Where We Live And WorkPokéCommunity SWC 2020, Archive of our Own, SerebiiFeremiz gets wounded during exploration, forcing the team of Paradise into a brief retirement. The Tepig grows bored and irked that he has to remain in a home that apparently has been turned into an office, but a couple of days to mull it over makes him realize that his new home could be a lot worse.
12Sabres in the SandstoneAO3
Canalave Library
Colton, a trainer from Unova, has left the region after its events and landed in Suocé looking for relaxation. However as he wanders into the wilderness to pick some easy fights for his team, the opponents that springs up to him waiting for a challenge is none other than the local Guardian Cobalion. Colton already skipped a Cobalion fight back at home; do he and his team have what it takes to withstand the force and skill of one whose task is to protect the entire region? Ft. Absent Coder.
13A Case of Winging it(pending) (Director's Cut), PokéCommunity's SWC 2019 (original) , AO3 , Canalave Library(pending)Kalas is an Fearow who tries to make a living as a detective in the City and raise a random Spearow from the streets. His recent dealings earn him the attention of the local Honchkrow mob, as they wonder how does he manage to survive the many dangers of the city.
14Forever CatchRelease: PokéCommunity, AO3
Others: Serebii (2019), Thousand Roads (2022)
Many decades before their return to the Cadrícean Sovereignty, the Guardian Forces roamed the land in search of threats. Cobalion gets wind of a new invention by a “Man of The War” that promises to hunt down and catch any Pokémon, even the Guardians. Concerned about a feeling of growing disrespect towards the Guardians, Cobalion infiltrates a human settlement intent on figuring out the nature of this weapon - and of destroying it if necessary.
15Asking for RocArchive of Our Own , WAAPTWhile Tagg's team, including Roc and Draca are resting at a reservation park, Pokémon from the Death Desert marches arrive in preparation for an attack on the country of Emisre, and they wish to recruit Roc into the leadership of their combat wing.
16Making the World Go ’RoundPrimary: Archive of Our Own, Serebii Forums (2019);
Other: WAAPT Legacy (2020), Canalave Library (2021), Thousand Roads (2021), (2021) PokéCommunity (2022), WAAPT (2022), Bulbagarden (2022)
Feremiz has been doing chores with his team in Post Town for several weeks already. Bored out of his mind and with no progress in his quest, he happens to notice the clerk of a store that has always been there, and Foongus is happy to offer him to change the world… for a price.
17Caolené's TestArchive of Our Own , paste , PokéCommunityArchive of Our OwnCaolené the Leavanny joins the trials where they look for elite warriors to join the court of the Guardian Forces of the realm. The Pokémon who make it to the third stage are surprised when their opponent is none other than Virizion, one of the Guardian Forces.
18Caolené's TestArchive of Our Own , paste , PokéCommunityArchive of Our OwnCaolené the Leavanny joins the trials where they look for elite warriors to join the court of the Guardian Forces of the realm. The Pokémon who make it to the third stage are surprised when their opponent is none other than Virizion, one of the Guardian Forces.
19Beyond TodayPrimary: PokéCommunity SWC 2018 , Archive of Our Own (2020);
Others: WAAPT Forum legacy (2022) , Thousand Roads (2022)
(pending)When Gesta the Electrike and his team of adventurers interrupt their mission for a Monster House rescue attempt, they don't expect their client to take things so lightly. Gesta meets a hero spoken of since his childhood and watches him go, summoned to fight for survival in one and many forms.
20Tricks of the Love FastPokéCommunity Valentine's 2017;
Thousand Roads (2024), Canalave Library (2024)
A small Valentine's treat. Baluarkos and Inka are a happy Nidorino/a couple living in the fringes of a Nidoran colony. The Nidorino sees his role and capability as a father, mate and caretaker questioned from various angles - but he is confident in the tricks life has taught him.
21Simpler than MagicHo-Oh receives a visitor in his hideout. The human is stubborn in his plan to reveal the Protector as a fake god whose powers -if any- can be brought down to common science. And Ho-Oh himself would agree with that perception, if the human was not missing out on so much.
22As They WerePokéCommunity's SWC 2016, Thousand Roads (2022)After their return to prominence, Virizion of the Cadrícean Sovereignty ponder how much the world has changed, if they have changed with it, and if they would prefer things as they were back then, when they didn't have the weight of the realm on their shoulders.
23OverlordA look into the life of the leader of Team Rocket! And no, I don't mean Mr. Giovanni, but the actual leader of Team Rocket; he who is always there, observing and spending quality time with Giovanni, never leaving his side, regaling him with his presence and oversight.
24UnfitA wild Mienfoo must practice his arts every day. They give him sustenance and survival. But when reaching a stall in his training and facing new threats he is not designed to overcome, where should this Mienfoo turn his sights to?
25Built for RiskSerebii's "Interpretations" Contest, 2013, AOOO“How to Excel at Containing Devastation for Fun and Profit” – Armando Pedraza, Headmaster of Suocé's Lega Runa Battle Tower.
26Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~WAAPT in-universe archive ; Serebii Forums Valentine's 2015 ; ; PokéCommunity Valentine's 2016 ; Archive of Our Own (2021) ; Thousand Roads (2022) ; Bulbagarden Forums (2023)FF.Net ; Archive of Our Own (2021)A small Valentine's treat. A troop of wild Nidoran reaches into the city looking for adventures. One of them, a recently evolved ’rino, can feel the love (and a desire for cute poisonous furballs) in the air - but to reach to the female, he must get past some of the mysteries of human civilization.
27Misaimed for LifeEntry for PokéCommunity's SWC, July 2014, FF.NetPokéMaster / BlogocioTwo criminals in confinement. After having led a small war that created havoc, after gathering people in search of ideals to remake the world, they still go at each other as part of a lifetime ritual. What led them to be this way? Someone had to have seen it coming…
28Cuasi LegendarioFF.Net, PokéCommunity, BulbaGarden (2015), Canalave Library (2022)Archive of Our Own (archivo), Pokémaster re-relase (2014), FF.netOh noes! The princess has been kidnapped by a witch and is held prisoner in a castle guarded by a dragon! Paladin! Thou must face the danger and rescue her! Careful, it is dangerous to go alone! Take this! [DO-DE-DOOO~]
Do the events reflect this danger and urgency, or are the characters facing up something simpler and more mundane, like a picnic afternoon?
29PlayfieldRelease: PokéCommunity
Other: AO3 (2019), Serebii (2019) , Canalave (2020) , Thousand Roads (2022) , Canalave Library (2022)
(pending)Two Pokémon race across the landscape. Why, where, when do they race? What is at stake and what can they earn? All these questions share a common, broad, yet simple and concise answer: time.
30SixthPokéCommunity, Serebii“In the order of things that shouldn't be here, I am the sixth. But when it comes to battle, I always go out first.” The early life story of the first revivified Lileep.

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