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Girŋ·neryá is a Kommo-o (or a Kommo-o-shaped entity) that lives in the mainline PMD world where Gates to Infinity takes place. Strictly speaking he is a variant Kommo-o of undetermined nature.

The name Girŋ·neryá is sometimes rendered as “Girngneryá” or “Girn(g)” in short, for ease of use and typing. Girngneryá is a redirect.


Devel Note:
more development and in-progress notes available at Girŋ·neryá [devel] (requires login).

Girŋ·neryá's origins are unknown, other than the fact that he and his consort Eriš·keryá (sometimes “Erish” in short) originally appeared in the PMD world in the Worldcore several hundred years before the events of Gates but came from elsewhere. Several centuries old, he has remained hidden in some select locations near the Worldcore ever since his arrival, and by the time of Gates he is hidden in the Jaws of the Abyss.

It is said that the role of Girng is that of a tormentor, executor and destroyer of those who would attempt to cross the boundary between the dead and the living without repercussions. In a certain way he represents “ordering between life and death”.


Girŋ·neryá's appearance is largely that of a normal Kommo-o except for the details that mark him as a Variant (Pokémon category). The same goes for his consort Eriš·keryá.

If going by the description of his remote body in Dangerous Upgrade, Girng's real form compared to a normal Kommo-o has slightly more pointed scales, with hooks on one end, and is obliquely described by Gamañel as having extra scale layers covering the arms. His colour pattern would be largely the same as that of a normal Kommo-o.


Girng's special skills, if any, are unknown, although he can be presumed to have the same ability Eriš·keryá has for retaining his own identity outside of his body, even if the body is destroyed.

Given his intended role, he presumably would have the ability to fire attacks that can reach from one dimension into another.

Character History

Girngneryá's activities previous to the events of Gates are unknown. If following after Erishkeryá's role designation, much of those activities would have involved preventing Pokémon from specific dimensions from crossing into the mainline PMD world. During that time he was mostly hidden in the Jaws of the Abyss.

At some point during the events of Gates when Dangerous Upgrade occurs, an interdimensional incursion of some sort occurs that allows Gamañel's multiverse-reaching portal codes to spawn patters to potentially any universe. When this happens, Eriš·keryá cites the Kommo-o to an intervention, mistaking the event for the potential wake-up of the Bittercold. They intercept the portals and their carrier, Gamañel, to figure out what is going on, capturing him into a multidimensional dome that Erish has cast.

When Erish seems unable to destroy the portals on her own, Girng forces Erish and Gamañel into reaching a deal then steps in to destroy the portals. Before the dome that sealed the intervention collapses, Girng protects Gamañel from the creatures spawning in the dome then forcefully sends him outside while he remains inside to prevent the spawns from leaving the dome and reaching into the PMD world.


Eriš·keryá and Girŋ·neryá are named after the figures of Mesopotamian mythology Ereškigal (sometimes called Erreshkigal) and Nergál (sometimes called Nergal or Girunuigal]] respectively, the guardians of the underworld and afterlife. As a reference to Nergál, Girŋ·neryá takes both the role of a guardian in the realm of the dead, and as a “keeper of peace”, which for this interpretation is intended to be the absence of breaching between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead.

Girŋ·neryá's real form was undetermined during the early drafting phases of Dangerous Upgrade. His chosen appearance as a Pokémon in the world was intended to be either one of a number of pseudo-legendary Dragon Pokémon such as Dragonite, Garchomp or Kommo-o, a Garchomp variant based on their unreleased G4 sprite, or a Fakémon then in-development. The idea of making Girng a defender with some elements from Monster Hunter's Seregios eventually gave the Kommo-o option a definitive win.


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