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Emisre is a region the Suocéverse Mainline World, located in the same continent that hosts Orre and Angela and in inspiration terms a bit of a stand-in for Baja California.

Emisre is one of the regions where the general storylines of the Guild of Rienna and Pokefutures take place, and is the region where A Good Year to Rawr takes place.


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Emisre is a coastal region facing a big ocean and featuring at least three large peninsulas. It extends primarily in the NW-SE direction for approx. 450 km. A large ocean borders it completely on the west side and part of the SW side. A different sea (intended to be a Mexican Gulf stand-in) borders it on the SE side. A dry mountainrange separates it from other regions such as Orre on the E and NE side.

Natural Regions



Ecological Regions



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Political Organization

Regional Organization

Previous to its takeover in late 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) , Emisre was partitioned as a large state with four administrative divisions and a separate fifth assigned space where wild Pokémon colonies were focalized. The administrative divisions were Emisre Bañada (coastal W and SW of the region), Emisre Acre (NW and N to SE), Emisre Vieja (E and NE) and Mirtadenal.

Sootdrab City was the capital since the foundation of the region up to around the 3550s when the capital was moved over to Mirtadenal City (more or less a stand-in for IRL Richmond, California). With the destruction of Mirtadenal in 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) , the political status of the country is unclear.


Cities and Towns:

  • Mirtadenal, Emisre (capital city) (insp. by the general Richmond-Piedmont-Oakland area) (until 3734 PE(~1 after Gen1) )
  • Emisre Bañada:
  • Emisre Acre:
  • Emisre Vieja:
    • Indio (insp. by Indio City, CA)
    • Tasmundu (original)
    • TBD

Other features:

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Conference League


Worldbuilding Elements

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