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Elena is Matja Zaveḱ's female Quilava starter, received as a Cyndaquil Starter Pokémon from Prof. Sirana Alvir.



Elena is a rather carefree starter and while she likes to wander around and be taken from place to place, she does not like to put effort into her fights. If she can finish a fight fast and hard so she can go meander about, the better.

She likes flowers and gardening, which does not fit a Fire-type's disposition that well; because of this, she makes it very clear since evolving into a Quilava that she does not want to evolve to Typhlosion anytime soon.


Elena knows how to perform basic gardening tasks, and understands the basics of the lifecycle of plants. Since it is difficult to carry on stable gardening tasks while on the road, Matja takes her to berry gardening fields whenever the opportunity presents itself.

In terms of fights, both in the sport and in the open, Elena is largely a mid-range fighter whose strategy relies on keeping the attacker at just enough distance that she can breathe fire or spray Swift stars upon them.

Like a number of local Starters, Elena knows how to read Suocéan languages; she also has a very high understanding of visual and semantic signage, much like Cobalion does, and can navigate facilities such as bus or metro stations, as well as identify staffers from different kinds of facilities (police, medical personnel, etc) in case she or Matja need them.

Battle Technique

Elena fights by keeping opponents at mid-range. Once they enter her sphere of influence, she delays their approach as much as she can by using Swift, Ember and Flamethrower. If this does not deal with an enemy fast enough, she relies on moves like Quick Attack and Flame Wheel to push her and corner her opponents, avoiding direct contact until the last moment.

She also tends to combo her crashing moves into Swift whenever she can, which makes her somewhat predictable.


  • Stars of Suocé (protagonist) (TBA)
Matja Zaveḱ
Matja Zaveḱ, district_of_cholcone

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