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Cadrícean Widefields

The Sovereignty of the Cadrícean Widefields, also called simply Cadrícean Sovereignty or Cadrícea, is a portion of land that covers much of the the southern flats of the Suocé region, south of the cordillera splitting the region in two. It borders to the north with the Suocé cordillera and the lands leading to it, to the east with the sea, to the south with the region of Caledoria via the arm of land connecting the two regions, and to the west with the residential districts, railroad and cornfields of Vys Ocassum.

Map of Suocé; the Cadrícean Sovereignty is marked by the purple border south of the land's cordillera.

The Sovereignty was, up until about 400 years ago, ruled by a group of Grass-type Pokémon of Caledorian heritage but has since then returned to the protection of the Muskedeer trio roaming the area, the original guardians of the land.

It would be comparable in size to the province of Río Claro in Paraguay reaching from the border to Rondonópolis (~200 km wide).


The Sovereignty was born very late into the previous Era, not earlier than 5000 years into the past, established by Pokémon migrating north from the region of Caledoria as it became colder. The area of the Sovereignty is itself a natural crossroad for many species such as Swablu who meet the northern cordillera as part of their biannual migration path, and well as various Grass and Bug types who migrate from the colder environment of the south towards the caves and the forests hidden behind the cordillera for protection during the winter season.

Since very early in its history the Sovereignty has been protected by a roaming Muskedeer trio, Pokémon of unknown origin who go from place to place and lead the efforts to keep the Sovereignty safe from intruders. The members of the trio made periodic appearances and were hailed by the Pokémon living in the flatlands as reliable agents of order, as well as teachers and pacifiers. Eventually, the inhabitants of the region coined the term “Guardian Forces” to refer to them.

2000 years ago in the present era, a group of human colonizers attempted to cross into the northern side of the landmass of Suocé to settle there and hide from a sickness wiping out Caledoria; tales said that at first the humans were dejected and pushed away by the Pokémon inhabitants, but when these Pokémon saw the Muskedeer Trio offer their protection to the humans so they could reach the centermost lake of the Sovereignty, the wild Pokémon heed the Trio's example and escorted the humans to the cordillera, to provide safe passage. Alas, the timing for safe passage was too late, the cold and harsh winter making the cordillera a dangerous location, so humans and Pokémon decided to retreat to the flatlands around the nearby rivers to the south for safety. The humans were lent some safe space in the area to build small settlements so they could heal and await for the summer season.

Over time the humans became grateful to the presence of the Muskedeer Trio; they eventually built a shrine dedicated to the trio. Unfamiliar with the concept of presenting tribute to their Guardians, the wild Pokémon of the Sovereignty took interest and liking to humans, and allowed them to cohabitate in the area in exchange for aiding in the harvest and the protection of the area as well as teaching the wild Pokémon the basics of worship and tribute. The shrine became a known and travelled landmark for many Pokémon in the area who just like humans started gravitating towards it, and some time 1300~1000 years in the past the hybrid Cadricea City, home to both humans and Pokémon, was founded around the shrine.

The Guardian Forces kept around the area for a long time, but they barely if ever took to the Shrine; used to their habit of roaming the land to seek out threats, the concept of remaining in one place to be worshiped felt alien, if still comfortable, to them. Over the years the three Pokémon became closer to humans and wild Pokémon, and helped the inhabitants of the Sovereignty form their own government and policing forces.

Unfortunately, large scale events outside of the region eventually sent the Guardian Forces away. About 400 years ago, one of the two Protectors of the Realm, Ho-Oh or Lugia, flew by the region, decrying treason and pillage by their human and Pokémon servants in the far lands of Johto. The next morning the Guardian Forces sought parlay with the fellow Legendary, and after hearing its account of the situation, the three Muskedeer also decided to cut their ties with the human and Pokémon leaders of the Sovereignty, fading back to the obscurity from whence they came.

In the many years since, the defacto rule of the region has shifted to entrusted Grass-type inhabitants; still, the joint habitation of humans and Pokémon in the area of Cadrícea City and its residential satellites has remained strong with very few impasses. This lasted up until the discovery of Pokefutures, which had its local headquarters in the neighbouring area of Vys Ocassum to the west; Virizion, one of the Muskedeer trio, appeared in Cadrícea and demanded that the humans living there fulfilled their duties as citizens of the Sovereignty: to join his military column to head over and siege Vys Ocassum. The situation was defused by the intervention of the President of Suocé and of then member of the Elite Four, Domingo Reubens.

Short time later, and while the regions of Suocé and Caledoria were still recovering from the whiplash of the Pokefutures revelation, Terrakion got wind of a threat to the regions, but was not able to intervene before it materialized: a devastating seismic movement at the Caledorian border that noticeably altered the geography of the Sovereignty and the lands to the north, destroying several passages across the cordillera. Between the devastation and the death of then Champion and their liaison with the Suocéan Government, Nadia Shepard, the Muskedeers decided to return to an active role in leading the Sovereignty. They promoted four Pokémon to provide direct service to them in specific roles: a recruiter Medicham, a courier Arcanine, a scribe Noivern and a seer Xatu.

Eventually, Virizion and Cobalion gave their approval to the nomination of Ravir Eisenhorth as interim Champion of the Region of Suocé, and successor of Nadia Shepard as their liaison. Terrakion was not at the time reachable for comments. Virizion had also given partial approval to the nomination of La Plancha affiliated researcher Machalí sol Linaros.


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