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The region of Angela is a fanon region originating from WAAPT that exists in the Suocéverse and is located in the same continent, but opposite side, as the Unova region. It is intended to function as a stand-in for what would be California in the same way that Unova is intended as a stand-in for the State of New York (and, to a lesser extent, Emisre a stand-in for Mexico and New Mexico).


Angela is majorly based off from the State of California, and in this continuity encompassing as well some areas of neighbour states such as Nevada and, on the Mexican end of things, the northern end of Baja California.

The geology and geography of the part of the continent where Angela resides is not intended to map 1:1 to IRL Americas; only the relative positioning of the various regions is intended to map the relationship to their IRL inspirations if any. The regional borders of Angela are as follows:

  • To the north: two unnamed stand-ins for Oregon and Montana.
  • To the northeast: the unnamed stand-in for Montana and one unnamed Sovereignty.
  • To the east: one unnamed fanon region and Orre.
  • To the southeast: Emisre and, prior to 3650, the Rienna Valley Sovereignty.
  • To the south: Emisre, an unnamed stand-in for Tijuana, and the western ocean.
  • To the west: The western ocean, with Alola far in the distance.

Recent History

In terms of recent history Angela is a very important region to the background of the Suocéverse.

Sometime ca. 3650, the Rienna Valley Sovereignty was eradicated by military agents from Emisre, in a bid to benefit big pharma. With the resources gained, the big pharma grew in power and scope tremendously and by the 3670s it had extended into most of the infrastructure and business lines of the region of Angela, until the corporation, which had become Pokefutures, became the ruling government. Over the next several years the tremendous economic growth of the region was shouldered by the ethical mistreatment of Pokémon, hidden from the rest of the world.

In early 3728, the nature of the organization was revealed to the world at large by a group of Trainers and hackers, leading to a socioeconomic schism and to abandonment and closure of contracts and deals with most of every existing region. Angela was left adrift and bankrupted in three days and the entire region fell into political and social disarray. Columns of Pokémon from several regions, including Emisre, attempted to forcefully enter the country to exact their revenge, however they were stopped before they could reach the borders.

By 3730, a provisional government under the oversight of the PIP runs the country; however they could not assert control of a huge number of underground Pokefutures assets across the entire world, which were eventually passed over to a number of “evil teams”. In order to reestablish good relations between humans and Pokémon as well as track down a number of missing assets, PEFE was founded. The lives of many characters, ranging from Machalí sol Linaros in Suocé to Zygarde in Kalos, were affected by the fall of the country.

By the time GenⅡ/GenⅣ strikes, about year 3734, the PIP faces internal and external struggle in the country as the inhabitants demand the right to independent elections, a matter on which all neighbour countries but Emisre have expressed strong disapproval.

With Emisre's attempts to attack a nascent Sovereignty to return Pokefutures splinter cells to power ending in the destruction of the Emisre capital and the fall of its government, it becomes more unlikely that Angela will be given the clear to go on their own any time soon. The (for now) final nail in Angela's attempts to regain sovereignty come with the discovery of an intercontinental weapon in Kalos during the events of GenⅥ, which caused a number of nationalist and oligarchic cells to resurface and search for similar weaponry hidden within Angela. The PIP and a joint military force had to intervene the country and quell civilian rebellion.

In accordance with deals struck later with neighbour countries, Angela won't see independent elections until at least yr. 3746, when the process of reconstruction of the Isla Triángulo is expected to present the results of Phase 1.

Political Organization

The Demonym for someone from Angela is Angelan.

Known settlements and their inspirations:

Location Status Source / Inspiration
Santa Ana, Angela Capital until 3730 Original
Temero, Angela Loosely from Temecula, California (original)
Portokali, Angela Loosely from Sacramento, California (WAAPT)
Los Phiones, Angela Loosely from Los Angeles, California (WAAPT)
Silbern City from Shuffle
Nacht City from Shuffle
San Dimmsdale Loosely from San Dimas (original)
Sauzalito Loosely from El Sauzal (original)
Loma y Abajo Original
Murrieta Original

Some of the names are taken from Pokémon Shuffle, as is with the WAAPT incarnation of Angela as well.


Up until yr. 3724, Angela had a regular League with a number of Gyms and a local Conference (the Conferencia de Los Los Angelanos, with a double “Los”). Conference Tournaments were held in a ring of three cities with the finals carried out in the Los Phiones Magnificent Coliseum.

The conference was temporarily halted in 3725 due to the severe drought that affected Angela and the nearby regions, and reestablished back in late 3727, but the local circuit did not reach completion of the Conference Tournament before Pokefutures fell. An unofficial League without recognition past a few neighbour countries ran from 3727 to 3735. After that, a new provisional League was established with near-full international recognition.

See also: Angela.

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