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Aleola is Nadia Shepard's male Delphox. He is not a starter Pokémon, role that in the team corresponds to Clefable (Nadia); instead, Aleola hails from the Shrine of Magic in western Suocé, where he lived as a Fennekin. Shortly after evolving into a Braixen he started his training as a Seer for the Shrine; however, after that training was completed, he was offered to Nadia as a gift Pokémon after she and Cobalion contributed to the protection of the Shrine against Draconic explorers (the first hint of what would later become the Isparus Draconic Claim).

As a Seer, Aleola achieves visions of the future of the region of Suocé. It is the presence of two trainers (later identified as Ravir Eisenhorth and Machalí sol Linaros) in his visions of a threat that will “change history” what prompts Nadia Shepard to seek out and test Trainers, directly leading to the events of Interim.

Shortly after the events of Interim, Aleola perished together with the rest of Nadia's team, under circumstances undisclosed even to the Pokémon League. His remains were claimed by the Shrine of Magic, though he is not buried there.

Of all the Pokémon in Nadia's team, Aleola had a stronger, closer relationship with Zohchihfa, as the two of them ran support for Nadia's missions and operations for several years. During the events of Interim, the two of them have to run support together to maintain Nadia, Ravir and Machalí tethered to the “physical world”, and only briefly lament that they don't get to battle the candidates.


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