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Elekid (Ravir)

Elekid is a male Elekid (later Electabuzz) and Ravir Eisenhorth's starter and most powerful Pokémon. This specimen is trained for urban combat in closed quarters, and for handling and powering some kinds of industrial machinery.

Ravir Eisenhorth
Ravir Eisenhorth, marisávide_district

Battle Technique

Because he has lived long in a context of human devices and machinery, many of which use electricity, Electabuzz has grown resourceful in his management of combat and usage of tools, being able to handle certain opponents without Ravir's assistance. Where needed, he can operate some machinery such as elevators, escalators, compactors or other of their like.

Electabuzz has attained enough control over his omnisac's Electric energy delivery to develop a special technique, a variant on the concept of the Vulcan nerve pinch that allows him to disorient a Pokémon or in some cases render them unconscious, provided he can maintain stable touch on his victim for a short period of time. This move features in Sixth.

While Kirlia (Ravir) is usually the one to train and manage the rest of the team, Electabuzz specifically trains with Cyanoger (a fellow Electric type) and later Lileep (Ravir).

Electabuzz's skillset includes:

  • Thunder Punch, Thunder Spear (link), Thunder “nerve pinch”.
  • Mega Punch.
  • Dynamic Punch.
  • Iron Tail.
  • Theoretically, the Static Ability.


  • Sixth (debut)
  • Interim(TBA)
  • Stars of Suocé(TBA)